Apply a Creative Decision Framework to Navigate Internal Hurdles

Recent research has revealed that internal challenges are the #1 obstacle to innovation in large companies. You’ve likely experienced that for yourself in trying to implement a unique approach or a new process to increase efficiency or effectiveness. Unfortunately, the bigger the organization, the harder it is to move.

Pathfinder is your answer. The road to making progress isn’t straight; it contains many twists and dead ends. Our approach defines a clear path to navigate internal obstacles and make decisions without perfect information. It’s unique because it requires an agile team with the experience and expertise to provide solutions to problems unknown and unexpected.

Based on your organizational context, Carbon Design leverages Pathfinder using a variety of methods, e.g. ideation, research and marketing experiments, to successfully help your initiative move forward within your organization.

Pathfinder in Action

The Power of Pathfinder

Scott Gillum and Glen Drummond discuss what Pathfinder is and how Carbon Design uses it to help clients.

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