Build Momentum by Discovering the Root Cause of Your Problem

Is your marketing project or transformation initiative dragging and causing more pain than gain? Accelerate progress by accomplishing more in two days than you’ve done in two months.

Our Discovery workshops are built on the principles of Basadur Simplexity Thinking process. It uncovers the root cause of your challenges, organizes the dependencies around them and defines the priority actions that tangibly move your marketing project – or big marketing transformation initiative – forward.

Glen Drummond, Carbon Design's Chief Solution Architect, conducting a Discovery workshop

Some problems are straightforward and easier to solve. Some problems linger for a long time and are much tougher to crack. The process was hard work, but fun, insightful, and well worth it. We are looking forward to seeing the impact of the new ideas and solutions we will be implementing as a result of the workshop.”

Michelle Anthony

EVP & CMO, Lee Hecht Harrison

Discovery in Action

A Deeper Dive into Basadur Simplexity

Carbon's Discovery workshop facilitators are trained and certified in Basadur Simplexity Thinking - a rigorous method for solving complex, fuzzy problems and building actionable roadmaps.

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