Glenn Drummond

Chief Solution Architect

Glen is the first member of the business community to invoke the concepts of “zombie personas” and “shadow segments” to point out the traps that beset us as we form a mental picture of our customers.

A veteran of 30+ years in the field of marketing, advertising, digital experience design, new product innovation and brand strategy, he has worked with a host of well know brands, mostly in B2B industries, with a consistent emphasis on bringing customer insight to bear upon decisions around brand and customer experience.

In addition to his responsibilities with Carbon, Glen serves as Chief Innovation Officer of Quarry, a B2B marketing strategy and demand-gen firm. In that role, Glen helps clients capture value from innovation and he also supports Quarry’s new service development initiatives.

Glen speaks at conferences focused on B2B marketing, customer experience and innovation. He is part of the Adjunct Faculty in University of Waterloo’s Masters in Digital Experience Innovation. His upcoming book: The Customer in the Mind’s Eye encourages Marketers to start recognizing the view of the customer as a creative choice with strategic consequences.