What people are saying about their experience with Carbon Design.

Scott really got into the heads of small business owners. His insight helped to pull together some research and thinking that we had already started. It not only gave us a narrative for telling our story using the strengths of our organization. The insight has helped us focus our messaging and brand promise in other segment as well.”

- Daniel Boone, VP of Marketing at Deluxe.

“I’ve been impressed by Carbon Design’s ability to come up with multiple solutions for our challenges. They don’t have a methodology or solution they try to force on you. They listen and present ideas. If one doesn’t work they’ll quickly offer another. There a very creative group of thinkers.”

- Patrick Kehoe, Chief Marketing Officer at Coalfire

“Scott and his team of experts have been very helpful in surfacing our issues and offering solutions that are both practical and aligned to our situation. They can get (very) technical, but they understand how to elevate the conversation to address the business need. They feel like an extension of our team.”

- Leslie Tullio, Chief Marketing Officer at McDermott, Will & Emery LLP

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Glen and Scott over the last few years. They really understand how to take a commercial insight and bring it to life in execution. I’ve been impressed with their ability to understand audience mindsets and the triggers that motivate them to shift their thinking.”

- Pat Spenner, Co-Author, The Challenger Customer

Some problems are straightforward and easier to solve. Some problems linger for a long time and are much tougher to crack. With the help of Carbon Design and the Basadur techniques they shared, we stepped back to tackle one of our toughest problems. The process was hard work, but fun, insightful, and well worth it. We are looking forward to seeing the impact of the new ideas and solutions we will be implementing as a result of the workshop.

- Michelle Anthony, EVP & CMO, Lee Hecht Harrison

Carbon Design works with our clients to ensure that they are able to convert their commercial insights and messaging into marketing material that changes audiences’ minds.

- Spencer Wixom, VP of Marketing, Challenger Inc.


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